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HPCC-3 for 10 years in Turkey, but because it is state-owned company has received authorization to EPC in 2013, is an energy company specialized in thermal power plants.
CEEC is an institution stands for China Ministry of Energy. 160,000 engineers and expert-level employees have been working in these institutions.
Its credit note is AAA and its Operation and Reliability note is AAA, too.
It is the leading and specialized company who has established the first 50, the first 100, the first 200, the first 600 MW power plants.
HPPC-3 is the authorized Company of this institution for thermal power plants and RES in Turkey and in our region.
HPCC-3 has established hundreds of power plants over 25.000MW in China and abroad so far.
5 Power plants belongs to İÇDAŞ have been completed successfully for 10 years in Turkey, 600 MW super critical power plant, has been working with a record performance like 8,400 hours / year.
It has received Energy Oscar for 2 years in a row with the Thermal Power plants established in Turkey.
It continues to build power plants with the 6th in İÇDAŞ and 7th in İzmir.
HPCC-3 operates  the power plants that have been established and gives training at the same time and if it is required, operates the power plant with parts guaranteed and nonguaranteed within the period of agreement.

Also CEEC (The major company at the level of the China Ministry of Energy) where HPCC-3 depends on is also a very powerful organization in hydroelectric, wind and nuclear energy.
HPCC-3 has the capacity to start and finish 600-1000 MW  8 Power Plants at the same time in 2013 with the 15 billion USD Credit Line yearly in China’s Ex-Im bank.
HPCC-3 is the main producer institution. Therefore, other Chinese companies operating in this field in Turkey meets the requirements and basic services from HPCC-3.
HPCC-3 is the authorized company as well as in Turkey, the Balkans, and the Turkic Republics of the former Soviet bloc. We have projects that are available in Russia, Belarus and Armenia.
Sea Water-Fgd system at İÇDAŞ Power Plant has been successfully applied for the first time in Turkey and this project has received the Oscar for Energy.
HPPCC-3 which established the most successful Super Critical Power Plant in Turkey, is the energy company that established the first Ultra Super Critical Power Plant in China at the same time.